Care from the Heart

By Thelma Marguerite Ingles 
Edited by Susan Haradon, Ph.D.,
Virginia Ingles 
Haradon, MSW,
and Paula Wheeldo

Memoirs of the Remarkable Woman and  Pioneering Nurse who Helped Inspire the Duke University Physician Assistant Program and Improved Nursing around the World.

Complete with Afterword, Archival information of her work at Duke University and Rockefeller University, Letters and Diaries.

Thelma Ingles, RN, MA was one of the leading nursing educators of the 20th Century. Her work at Duke University in the 1950s with Eugene Stead, M.D., pioneered the expansion of nursing roles in the clinical care of patients. The first master’s clinical nursing specialist program was developed in 1958 under a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation (Hanes Project). After this, Dr. Stead turned to the pool of Military Corpsman for personnel who could assume patient care functions under the same direction and supervision of a physician that he had designed originally with Ingles. Thus the PA Program at Duke University was born. 

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